Proceedings of the PST2018 Conference

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Regular Papers

  1. Bavendiek Kai, Adams Robin, Schupp Sibylle. Privacy-Preserving Architectures with Probabilistic
  2. Carlin Domhnall, O’Kane Phillip, Sezer Sakir, Burgess Jonah. Detecting Cryptomining Using Dynamic Analysis
  3. Dieudonne Mulamba, Ray Indrajit, Ray Indrakshi. On Sybil Classification in Online Social Networks Using Only OSN Structural Features
  4. El-Haddad Ghada, Shahab Amin, Aimeur Esma. Exploring User Behavior and Cybersecurity Knowledge – An experimental study in online shopping
  5. Eswaraiah. Guruprasad, Nedza. Douglas and Vishwanathan. Roopa. Automated Proofs of Signatures using Bilinear Pairings
  6. Ferreyra Emilio Díaz Nicolás, Meis Rene, Heisel Maritta. At Your Own Risk: Shaping Privacy Heuristics for Online Self-disclosure 
  7. Rasmussen Kasper, Paolo Gasti. On the Relationship Between Weak and Strong Deniable Authenticated Encryption
  8. Gol Mohammadi Nazila, Ulfat-Bunyadi Nelufar, Heisel Maritta. Problem-based Derivation of Trustworthiness Requirements from Users’ Trust Concerns
  9. Guri Mordechai, Zadov Boris, Daidakulov Andrey, Elovici Yuval. Covert Data Exfiltration from Air-Gapped Networks via Switch and Router LEDs
  10. Joyee De Sourya, Imine Abdessamad. Enabling Users to Balance Social Benefit and Privacy in Online Social Networks 
  11. Kaur Ratinder, Ning Ye, Gonzalez Hugo, Stakhanova Natalia. Unmasking Android Obfuscation Tools Using Spatial Analysis
  12. Khan Rafiullah, McLaughlin Kieran, Hastings John, Laverty David, Sezer Sakir. Demonstrating Cyber-Physical Attacks and Defense for Synchrophasor Technology in Smart Grid
  13. Lazrig Ibrahim, Ong Toan, Ray Indrakshi, Ray Indrajit, Jiang Xiaoqian, Vaidya Jaideep. Privacy Preserving Probabilistic Record Linkage Without Trusted Third Party 
  14. Mahrous Hesham, Malhotra Baljeet. Managing Publicly Known Security Vulnerabilities in Software Systems
  15. Mimoto Tomoaki, Kiyomoto Shinsaku, Hidano Seira, Basu Anirban, Miyaji. Atsuko. The Possibility of Matrix Decomposition as Anonymization and Evaluation for Time-sequence Data
  16. Kim Hye Min, Kim Huy Kang, Song Hyun Min. Seo Jae Woo. Andro-Simnet: Android Malware Family Classification using Social Network Analysis
  17. Murray Hazel, Malone David. Exploring the Impact of Password Dataset Distribution on Guessing
  18. Onwuzurike Lucky, Almeida Mario, Mariconti Enrico, Blackburn Jeremy, Stringhini Gianluca, De Cristofaro Emiliano. A Family of Droids — Android Malware Detection via Behavioral Modeling: Static vs Dynamic Analysis
  19. Opioła Łukasz, Dutka Łukasz, Słota Renata G., Kitowski Jacek. Trust-driven, Decentralized Data Access Control for Open Network of Autonomous Data Providers
  20. Park Jeman, Mohaisen Aziz. Timing is Almost Everything: Realistic Evaluation of the Very Short Intermittent DDoS Attacks
  21. Riaz Zohaib, Duerr Frank, Rothermel Kurt. Location Privacy and Utility in Geo-social Networks: Survey and Research Challenges 
  22. Senavirathne Navoda, Torra Vicenc.  Approximating Robust Linear Regression with An Integral Privacy Guarantee 
  23. Sombatruang Nissy, Kadobayashi Youki, Sasse Angela, Baddeley Michelle, Miyamoto Daisuke. The continued risks of unsecured public Wi-Fi and why users keep using it: Evidence from Japan
  24. Sutton Andrew, Samavi Reza, Doyle Thomas, Koff David. Digitized Trust in Human-in-the-Loop Health Research
  25. Tillem Gamze, Erkin Zekeriya, Lagendijk Reginald. Mining Sequential Patterns from Outsourced Data via Encryption Switching
  26. Traverso Giulia, Butin Denis, Palesandro Alex, Buchmann Johannes. Coalition-Resistant Peer Rating for Long-Term Confidentiality
  27. Zeng Gongxian, He Meiqi, Zhang Linru, Zhang Jun, Chen Yuechen, Ming Yiu Siu. Secure Compression and Pattern Matching Based on Burrows-Wheeler Transform
  28. Zhang Yiming, Malhotra Baljeet, Chen Cheng. Industry-Wide Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities in Open Source Software

Short Papers

  1. Aiken William, Ryoo Jungwoo, Kim Hyoungshick, Rosson Mary Beth. An Implementation and Evaluation of Progressive Authentication Using Multiple Level Pattern Locks
  2. Carvalho Ana, Martins Rolando, Antunes Luís. How-to Express Explicit and Auditable Consent
  3. Clay James, Hargrave Alexander, Sridhar Ramalingam. A Power Analysis of Cryptocurrency Mining: A Mobile Device Perspective
  4. Gritti Clementine, Onen Melek, Molva Refik. CHARIOT: Cloud-Assisted Access Control for the Internet of Things
  5. Hagan Matthew, Kang Boojoong, McLaughlin Kieran, Sezer Sakir. Peer Based Tracking using Multi-Tuple Indexing for Network Traffic Analysis and Malware Detection
  6. Le Page Sophie, Cui Qian, Jourdan Guy-Vincent, Bochmann Gregor V., Flood Jason, Onut Iosif-Viorel. Using AP-TED to Detect Phishing Attack Variations
  7. Li Wanpeng, Mitchell Chris, Chen Thomas. Mitigating CSRF attacks on OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect
  8. Morshed Toufique, Alhadidi Dima, Mohammed. Noman. Parallel Linear Regression on Encrypted Parkinson’s Disease Data
  9. Resende João S., Martins Rolando, Antunes Luis. Enforcing Privacy and Security over Public Cloud Storage
  10. Ruohonen Jukka, Salovaara Joonas, Leppänen Ville. Crossing Cross-Domain Paths in the Current Web
  11. Seo Eunbi, Song Hyunmin, Kim Huy Kang. GIDS: GAN based Intrusion detection System for in-vehicle network
  12. Sharafaldin Iman, Ghorbani. Ali. EagleEye: A Novel Visual Anomaly Detection Method
  13. Stojmenovic Milica, Biddl. Robert. Hide-and-Seek with Website Identity Information
  14. Wueller Stefan, Assadsolimani Benjamin, Meyer Ulrike, Wetzel Susanne. Privacy-Preserving Subgraph Checking


  1. Ankele Robin, Simpson Andrew. Analysis and Evaluation of Syntactic Privacy Notions and Games
  2. Augoye Voke, Tomlinson Allan. Mutual Authentication in Electronic Voting Schemes
  3. Chu Ge, Lisitsa Alexei. Agent-based (BDI) modeling for automation of penetration testing
  4. Davis Brittany, Whitfield Christopher, Anwar Mohd. Ethical and Privacy Considerations in Cybersecurity
  5. Huang Shin-Ying, Chuang Tzu-Hsien, Huang Shi-Meng, Ban Tao. Comprehensible Categorization and Visualization of Orchestrated Malicious Domain Names using Linkage Analysis
  6. Keshavarz Mahsa, Anwar Mohd. Towards Improving Privacy Control for Smart Homes: A Privacy Decision Framework
  7. Mindermann Kai, Wagner Stefan. Usability and Security Effects of Code Examples on Crypto APIs
  8. harma Gaurav, Kuchta Veronika, Anand Sahu Rajeev, Ellinidou Soultana, Markowitch Olivier, Dricot Jean-Michel. A Twofold Group Key Agreement Protocol for NoC based MPSoCs
  9. Varastehpour Soheil, Sharifzadeh Hamid Reza, Ardekani Iman, Sarrafzadeh Abdolhossein. A Comprehensive Review of Biometric Traits with Insight into Vein Pattern Recognition
  10. Yamada Michihiro, Shigeno Riko, Kikuchi Hiroaki, Sakamoto Maki. Evaluation and Development of Onomatopoeia CAPTCHAs