2019 17th International Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST)
August 26-28, 2019, Fredericton, NB,Canada

Proceedings of the PST2019 Conference


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Accepted apapers and posters

Regular Papers

  1. Khalid Mursi, Yu Zhuang, Mohammed Alkatheiri and Ahmad Aseeri. Extensive Examination of XOR Arbiter PUFs as Security Primitives for Resource-Constrained IoT Devices
  2. Elahe Fazeldehkordi, Olaf Owe and Josef Noll. Security and Privacy Functionalities in IoT
  3. Jehyun Lee, Debin Gao and Akshaya Venkateswara Raja. SplitSecond: Flexible Privilege Separation of Android Apps
  4. Jessica Staddon and Noelle Easterday. "it's a generally exhausting field": A Large-Scale Study of Security Incident Management Workflows and Pain Points
  5. Xue Bai, Licheng Wang, Lijing Zhou, Lixiang Li and Sijia Yang. RZcash A Privacy Protection Scheme for the Account-based Blockchain
  6. Xiaoya Hu, Licheng Wang, Lijing Zhou, Lixiang Li, and Sijia Yang. A blockchain-based loan over-prevention mechanism
  7. Babins Shrestha, Manar Mohamed, and Nitesh Saxena. ZEMFA: Zero-Effort Multi-Factor Authentication based on Multi-Modal Gait Biometrics
  8. Munir Geden, and Kasper Rasmussen. Hardware-assisted Remote Runtime Attestation for Critical Embedded Systems
  9. Jimmy Tekli, Bechara Al Bouna, Raphael Couturier, Gilbert Tekli, Zeinab Al Zein, and Marc Kamradt. A Framework for Evaluating Image Obfuscation under Deep Learning-Assisted Privacy Attacks
  10. Xin Yang, and Lei Shi. Ari: a P2P optimization for blockchain systems
  11. Jason Chang, and Rongxing Lu. Achieving Privacy-Preserving Edit Distance Query in Cloud and Its Application to Genomic Data
  12. Maliheh Shirvanian, and Nitesh Saxena. Stethoscope: Crypto Phones with Transparent & Robust Fingerprint Comparisons using Inter Text-Speech Transformations
  13. Yomna Abdelaziz, Daniela Napoli, and Sonia Chiasson. End-Users and Service Providers: Trust and Distributed Responsibility for Account Security
  14. Sophie Le Page, and Guy-Vincent Jourdan. Victim or Attacker? A Multi-dataset Domain Classification of Phishing Attacks
  15. Ajaya Neupane, Kiavash Satvat, Mahshid Hosseini, and Nitesh Saxena. Brain Hemorrhage: When Brainwaves Leak Sensitive Medical Conditions and Personal Information
  16. Hemant Gupta, and Paul van Oorschot, Onboarding and Software Update Architecture for IoT Devices
  17. Duc-Phong Le, Guomin Yang, and Ali Ghorbani. A New Multisignature Scheme with Public Key Aggregation for Blockchain
  18. Liang Xue, Jianbing Ni, Cheng Huang, Xiaodong Lin, and Xuemin (Sherman) Shen. Forward Secure and Fine-grained Data Sharing for Mobile Crowdsensing
  19. S Abhishek Anand, Payton Walker, and Nitesh Saxena. Compromising Speech Privacy under Continuous Masking in Personal Spaces
  20. Alaadin Addas, Julie Thorpe, Amirali Salehi-Abari. Geographic Hints for Passphrase Authentication
  21. Zakery Fyke, Isaac Griswold-Steiner, and Abdul Serwadda. Prying into Private Spaces Using Mobile DeviceMotion Sensors
  22. Hamid Azimy, and Ali Ghorbani, Competitive Selfish Mining
  23. Espen Kjellstadli Lund, Mariusz Nowostawski, Abylay Satybaldy and Nader Aeinehchi, Privacy-preserving Tax-case Processing

Short Papers

  1. Sultan Alqahtani, and Juergen Rilling. Semantic Modeling Approach for Software Vulnerabilities Data Sources
  2. Milica Stojmenovi Eric Spero, Temitayo Oyelowo, and Robert Biddle. Website Identity Notification: Testing the Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work
  3. Batnyam Enkhtaivan, Takao Takenouchi, and Kazue Sako. A Fair Anonymous Auction Scheme Utilizing Trusted Hardware and Blockchain
  4. Kazuya Kakizaki, Kosuke Yoshida, and Tsubasa Takahashi. GlassMasq: Adversarial Examples Masquerading in Face Identification Systems with Feature Extractor
  5. Alaadin Addas, Amirali Salehi-Abari,and Julie Thorpe. Geographical Security Questions for Fallback Authentication
  6. Stefan Wueller, Benjamin Assadsolimani, Ulrike Meyer, Fabian Foerg, and Susanne Wetzel. Privacy-Preserving Multi-Party Conditional Random Selection
  7. Amit Maraj, Miguel Vargas Martin, Matthew Shane, and Mohammad Mannan. On the null relationship between personality types and passwords
  8. Guruprasad Eswaraiah, Lalitha Muthu Subramanian, and Roopa Vishwanathan. Exploring Automation in Proofs of Attribute-basedEncryption in the Standard Model
  9. Tristan Ninet, Axel Legay, Romaric Maillard, Louis-Marie Traonouez, and Olivier Zendra. Model Checking the IKEv2 Protocol Using Spin
  10. Shoichiro Sasaki, Seira Hidano, Toshihiro Uchibayashi, Takuo Suganuma, Masahiro Hiji, and Shinsaku Kiyomoto. On Embedding Backdoor in Malware Detectors Using Machine Learning
  11. Christopher Bellman, and Paul van Oorschot. Analysis, Implications, and Challenges of an Evolving Consumer IoT Security Landscape
  12. Lalitha Muthu Subramanian, Guruprasad Eswaraiah, and Roopa Vishwanathan. Rebalancing in Acyclic Payment Networks
  13. Mahdi Daghmehchi Firoozjaei, Ali Ghorbani, Hyoungshick Kim, and Jaeseung Song. EVChain: A Blockchain-based Credit Sharing in Electric Vehicles Charging
  14. Pouyan Momeni, Yu Wang, and Reza Samavi. Machine Learning Model for Smart ContractsSecurity Analysis
  15. Iago Ochôa, Leonardo Calbusch, Karize Viecelli, Juan De Paz, Valderi Leithardt, and Cesar Zeferino. Privacy in the Internet of Things: A Study to Protect User's Data in LPR Systems Using Blockchain
  16. Jafar Haadi Jafarian, and Kuntal Das. A Novel Permutational Sampling Technique for Cooperative Network Scanning
  17. Matthew Hagan, Fahad Siddiqui, and Sakir Sezer. Enhancing Security and Privacy of Next-Generation Edge Computing Technologies
  18. Meriem Smache, Alexis Olivereau, Assia Tria and Thibault Franco-Rondisson. Time Synchronization Attack Scenarios and Analysis of Effective Self-Detection Parameters in a Distributed Industrial Wireless Sensor Network


  1. Mary Bispham, Ioannis Agrafiotis, Michael Goldsmith and Swetlana Schuster. Proposals for Novel Defence Mechanisms against Attacks via the Speech Interface
  2. Eric Spero, Milica Stojmenovi, Zahra Hassanzadeh, Sonia Chiasson, and Robert Biddle. Mixed Pictures: Mental Models of Malware
  3. Timothy Chadza, onstantinos Kyriakopoulos, and Sangarapillai Lambotharan. Contemporary Sequential Network Attacks Prediction using Hidden Markov Model
  4. DAVID LIAU, Razieh Nokhbeh Zaeem, and Suzanne Barber. Evaluation Framework for Future Privacy Protection Systems
  5. Muhamad Erza Aminanto, Lei Zhu, Tao Ban, Ryoichi Isawa, Takeshi Takahashi, Daisuke Inoue. Automated Threat-Alert Screening for Battling Alert Fatigue with Temporal Isolation Forest
  6. May Almousa, Mohd Anwar. Detecting Exploit Websites Using Browser-based Predictive Analytics
  7. Andrew Foresi, Reza Samavi. User Authentication Using Keystroke Dynamics via Crowdsourcing
  8. Yu Wang, Reza Samavi, Nitin Sood. Blockchain-based Marketplace for Software Testing
  9. Sultan Alqahtani. Automated Extraction of Security Concerns from Bug Reports

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